Buddhism is a practical philosophy for self-improvement & developing greater happiness. It is also fun. This site details some the many enjoyable activities of practicing Buddhists.

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  • Buddhism is not an academic study. It is a positive way of life. This site is the aims to be an illustrated guide.

  • Cooking, gardening, caligraphy, poetry, matial arts, the tea ceremony and more. It is a cultural experience.

  • Put simply, Buddhism is a method of reducing life's suffering, so if you aren't enjoying it, you're doing it wrong.

  • To get the most out of this site, register. This lets you comment, ask questions, add your stories and photos.

  • I want to build a space for happy, practising Buddhists and wanna-be Buddhists to share, so registration is free.

  • There are many opportunities to interact on the site. Please use every chance.

  • The Buddha said there are infinite paths to enlightenment. Try everything on the site that interests you.

Buddhist Quotes

"The drowning person & the rescuer are both in the water. Their location is the same, but their motivation is different."
Zen Koan
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